JANO'12, Al-Hoceima 2018

International Conference

12ème édition

Journées d'Analyse Numérique et Optimisation

Topics :

• Numerical Linear Algebra and Applications.
• Numerical Analysis and Optimization.
• Inverse Problems.
• Numerical methods for PDEs, stochastic PDEs,...
• Meshless methods based on radial basis function for PDEs.
• Stochastical models and Applied Mathematics in Finance area.
• Big Data mining and Data Analysis.
• Numerical methods for PDEs in image processing.

Conference Languages :

All communications and/or abstracts must be written in English

Data Show : Presentations ''Slides'' (beamer or PowerPoint,...) must be written in English.

Presentation : The oral Presentations can be given in French.

Submission Format :

Authors are invited to download the JANO'12.tex template from Jano12-LaTeX.zip

After registration, authors are invited to submit abstracts or Papers (name.pdf and name.tex) in the Jano'12 format by email to : jano12.hoceima@gmail.com

Papers or abstracts should not exceed 4 pages, including bibliographical references.

For further information, please contact us by email at : jano12.hoceima@gmail.com